Decre is a specialist education recruitment agency operating across the UK from local offices. It provides Teachers, Cover Supervisors, Teaching Assistants, Nursery Workers as well as categories of support workers for Schools and Nurseries. Our agency operates in line with the quality assurance guidelines published by the Standards in Recruitment (SiR) to ensure sufficient auditing processes are in place to make certain all relevant staff are fully trained on current safeguarding rules and that they undertake continuous refresher training.


Every candidate registering with Decre is subject on first contact to a verbal vetting, to ascertain whether the individual meets the company’s minimum requirements. If successful, the candidate is invited to one of our office's for a face to face interview.


Every candidate who has been asked to come into our office's for an interview is a series of checks: Identity and Right to Work in the UK, Qualification Checks (Certificates/Teaching Agency), DBS, Barred List Check, References and a Medical Self Assessment.

Employment Scrutiny

Our consultants are trained to recognise a candidate’s skill, experience and competency as well as identify gaps in their employment history on the CV/Application Form. They ask probing questions to satisfy themselves of the reasons for any gaps and seek evidence, where possible, for the period of unemployment (maternity leave, illness, travel etc).


Where employment is sought in relation to positions involving working with children or vulnerable adults, those work-seekers are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and we as such we ask all candidates to declare all criminal convictions, both spent and unspent, subject to filtering rules. A DBS Check will be carried out for all candidates seeking work within the Education sector. Teachers from Overseas must have an Overseas Police Check or Certificate of Good Conduct. It is the responsibility of the Teacher to contact either the embassy in London to obtain the Overseas Police Check. This also applies to a British National who has been living abroad for 3 or more consecutive months in the last 5 years (they can apply to the relevant police force where they were working).


A minimum of two references are obtained for every candidate; these could be from a former employer, teacher/tutor or other professional. One of the references will be, where possible, from the most recent employer. The focus of one of the references, where possible, will be what the candidate is like as a teacher at the point of registration. If the candidate is not currently employed as a teacher, where possible, we will check with the school, college or local authority at which they were most recently employed, to confirm details of their employment and their reasons for leaving.


We believe that any organisation is only as successful as the people in which it employs. For this very reason we are dedicated to providing the gold standard of available teachers to work in schools. Along with this anyone who works for the company is expected to adhere to our own professional principles of conduct both in and out of employment hours to ensure standards are always upheld.

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