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We Pay The Teachers more & Charge Schools Less

Through utilising our availability and location features you can update your profile and find work whenever you want to, where ever you want to. Working for Decre you will be part of a new innovative recruitment technology giving you the choice to accept job roles on your terms and at your convenience. The Decre platform works by sharing your data  to schools within the vicinity when you are free to work, allowing them to request  bookings through our various online platofrms.

Decre was founded by a group of experienced teachers who wanted to take the profiteers out of education and ensure supply teachers are paid sufficient rates in line with the Teacher Pay Scale.

How decre works

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What our techers say

“Working for Decre is amazing i get to pick and choose when i want to work even if i am out of town. The wages are also much higher than your normal agency pay which is great for me because it means i can work less whilst i focus on my academic studies. Next year i am due to start my PhD in education and it’s because of Decre i want have to worry about my personal finances.”

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