We are an Agency Not an app!

No Finders Fees                        No Lock in Contracts          No Daily Charge

Through our advanced geocoding technology, you can search and book our vetted supply teachers who are available for work in your area from the comfort of your office. 

Before making any booking, you can see candidate’s detailed professional online profile, qualifications and even read performance reviews from previous bookings. 

When you have found a teacher who fits your personal preference, you can simply choose your date and book immediately, or you can ring Decre to complete the booking. Following confirmation of booking a onetime fee of £4.99, along with the teacher pay rate, will then be added to your 30-45 day invoice. 

Although you can book our teachers yourself online we are still a reputable agency who operates in line with  the Standards in Recruitment (SiR) guidelines.  

the new model of supply

Whenever you need temporary staff you can open our website or app to view our teachers profiles within your area. When searching you can completely filter the search to meet your organisational needs. After you have filtered the search you can click to review each of our employees profiles where you can see a detailed account of their professional experience, qualification, reviews and even links to their social media accounts such as LinkedIn & Twitter. When you are satisfied you can simply click Book Now or ring one of our consultants and s service charge of £4.99 along with the Teacher pay rate will be added to your monthly invoice.

simple Ethical Pricing

Our pricing model is simple and affordable, offering choice and flexibility. When booking with Decre there is no finders fees, no hidden charges and no lock-in contracts. Our pricing is simple there is a one time service charge of £4.99 in addition to teacher SPTCD pay rates. Each booking can last a maximum of 30 days and should you require longer you have the option to repeat a booking which would then cost an additional £4.99. Upon completion of booking the total will be added to your organisations invoice which operate on a 30 day cycle. When booking with Decre you can also opt in to receive weekly reports from our consultants to assist with keeping your finances in check. Our system is easy, simple and empowering, taking back control from profiteers who have infiltrated the profession. We believe in fair price for schools and for teachers

request an organisation pack

If you are interested in using any of our support staff within your organisation fill in your details to receive one of our comprehensive client packs with everything you need to know. Alternatively you can click the link below to register your organisation and once verified you can begin to book our teachers. 

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