We believe in passion before profit

Decre Recruitment is the agency founded by passionate teachers for passionate teachers. Having worked within education and as Supply Teacher’s we have witnessed the imbalance created by profiteers taking advantage of schools in need. Our business is built upon modern philosophies of the sharing economy which elicits the need for a fairer society through social enterprises which are built upon positive social values.

teaching on your terms

When booking supply teachers through our online platforms, you are in complete control of the process. You decide which teachers you would like to book based upon your needs, teaching profiles and previous reviews.Regardless of the length of cover needed, we charge a one time fee of £4.99 before then adding on the teacher pay rates which operate in line with  SPTCD. With Decre, you can easily manage your supply teacher bookings as they are automatically recorded and added to your monthly invoice whilst being integrated within your Google calendar.Should you wish to employ any of our teachers full time you are free to do so without any fees imposed by our agency.  


Our business thrives on the accountability practices which have been integrated into the Decre ecosystem.  In the same way you would not book a hotel before reading reviews you will no longer allow teachers to represent your organisation before ascertaining a balanced opinion of competence from previous schools. Research has shown significant correlations between performance and accountability and its that very reason we have put process’s in place.

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